Anza Mural




Tiffany Graham


Tiffany Graham began formal training as an oil painter at Pomona College in Claremont, California, before moving to New York City where she attended the Art Students League. Upon relocating to San Francisco, she began her career as an arts educator. She taught visual art in the San Francisco Unified School District, and served as the Director of the Arts Program at the Creative Arts Charter School until 2012. At Creative Arts – as well as at nearby schools Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks and Grattan – Tiffany created murals and installations with her students and their families, and developed enduring fine arts programs.  She has been awarded numerous grants to fund these programs and projects, most notably a California Arts Council Individual Artist grant for 3 year-long collaborative projects including a 15′ windmill installed in San Francisco’s City Hall.  

Tiffany has now been teaching art and creating murals in the Wiseburn Unified School District at Anza, Cabrillo and Burnett for the past five years. Her thriving Art Angel program of parent volunteers has enabled Tiffany to create several large-scale projects involving the greater Wiseburn community.

As subjects or inspiration, children have always played a key role in Tiffany's artistic life- their originality and creative spirit are infectious and working with them is a constant reminder that exploration is necessary for growth in art. 

“My Halo: Renaissance Self- Portraits”

Mixed media project on brown craft paper
In this project student-artists sought to understand the evolution of the halo in art throughout the ages and in various cultures. They then chose the type of halo that best represents each of their own self images and incorporated it into their self-portraits.





“Walking in the Air”

3rd-5th Grade
Oil pastel on black paper
This interdisciplinary project for Anza's "Winter Wonderland" exhibit was inspired by the book and stop animation film,“The Snowman," and assorted snow paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, Edvard Munch, etc.