From the CARE Team
´╗┐Hello Anza Parents and Caregivers!
November 13th is World Kindness Day! What a great reminder to celebrate something that everyone could all use a little more of! In fact, you may have heard that when you put positivity out in the world, it will come right back to you. Showing kindness is an excellent way to spread positivity and it is something that people of all ages can do! Here are seven ways you and your student can spread positivity:
1. Say something nice to a friend or family member.
2. Help others by holding open a door or picking something up they may have dropped.
3. Take time in your day to laugh 
4. Share a smile! Smiling can be contagious, if you’re smiling you're more likely to get other people around you to smile.
5. Give someone a genuine compliment.
6. Talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or 
sit next to someone new at lunch.
1. Do something unexpected like give or send your friend a card or nice note.
For more information or ways to spread kindness please visit:
Warm regards,
Dr. Monique Ingram and Ms. Julie Walker
The CARE Team
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